Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The naughty Filipinos

There are some Filipinos, who came here (in the UK) not just to earn money but also to earn sinful and immoral secrets through forbidden relationships. I called them "the naughty Filipinos". These Filipinos had cheated their husbands, wives and family back home (the Philippines) just to satisfy their lust and hunger for sex and money. They are acting like they are freed from a long term prison of marriage and responsibilities. The time they arrived here they are like an innocent child  so afraid to commit a simple mistakes, but deep inside in their hearts there is a volcano of immorality, foolishness and stupidity ready to erupt just waiting for the stimulus to occur....STOP PRETENDING girl

I heard one who said to her husband over the telephone conversation, "yes, I have sinned but only to you and not to our children". When I heard those phrases, I tried to ask myself, what is that supposed to mean?. She cheated her husband, and yet she didn't want to accept her mistake? Is she still denying it in front of him, or is she trying to convince her husband not to leave her, and just to tolerate her and accept what she was, for the sake of the children. Is she trying to convey a message that she still loved him, that is why she created those alibi?


There are also Filipinos who worked here in the UK, that keeps on jumping from one boyfriend to another (from a Pakistani to a Romanian to a Filipino), but still telling their husband that they loved and missed him. What happen to our moral values that we learned from school and at home?  Filipinos have a higher level of education, does we lost our shame and conscience towards ourselves, our family and others? Are they satisfied to have sex to a person they didn't know the culture or the state of mind perhaps?. The way I looked up to them, it seems they are just like prostitutes. who had itchiness in their selves.


So what about those snobbish Filipina that you meet in the street, holding their 75 or 80 years old boyfriend? Are they ashamed of their partners that is why they are snobbish or they are just thinking they are lucky that they have this dirty old man.



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