Tuesday, 13 April 2010


" Pedro nakita mo ba yong video sa fb kawawa naman,
sabi nila hindi pilipina sana nga totoo! pero ano ang comment mo tungkol dito? "

I really pitied for the two women who were victims of the gang raped. Whether they are Filipina or not, we still have to pray for the repose of their soul and that they may rest in peace... With what i've seen on the video, it is really unfair that the one who was in the hospital wasn't being attended even with cleaning the wounds, getting the vital signs and so on. How could you categorized this one? We can tell that they are not given the chance to fight for her life so it does means that she wasn't able to receive the rights to survive. Of course, she is going to die after three days because the lacerations wasn't been sutured (allegedly). Is this the way of closing the case? Just let the victim die.

FOR THE CONSUL: To close the issue i think it is better for them to gather the necessary datas on that particular woman to answer the speculations about the rumors. Because I know that the incident has reached the Philippines and the families of all the Filipinos in that country were very worried. To ease their worries, the Consul must do his job as soon as possible. Eventhough it is only a rumors but still he has to take his action with it. THAT IS THE REASON HE WAS PUT ON THAT COUNTRY TO SERVE AND NOT JUST TO SIT DOWN ON HIS CHAIR OR TO BE AFRAID TO DO SOME ACTIONS. THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU.....

TO THE DOCTORS AND NURSES: They are the biggest STUPID MEDICAL TEAM the world had ever saw. Who don't know what primary actions to take place in case of emergency? Are you really license to practice your profession or you just buy the diploma to have a profession? If you do have the so-called license, do you have the capabilities and abilities to treat an individual who is badly in need? Maybe you don't even know what ABC's stands for! Remember, each member of the team who was there with the patient can be held liable of their actions and doings and your licensed can be revoked if proven guilty.

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