Tuesday, 30 March 2010

100 Filipinos in Leeds on student visa nowhere to stay.

I really don't know why there are people who take advantages to others no matter what it takes and no matter what the outcome is. As long as they can earned money and not just an ordinary amount of money but loads of it. And there are also people who are willing to gamble and willing to spend a huge amount in a very convincing and fulfilling promises that they can have a very big chance to work abroad even in a student visa.
It was a Sunday morning at the National Express station in Manchester, while I was waiting for my coach to arrive going to Liverpool I saw two Filipinos carrying a big luggage. Their conversation caught my attention because I heard one of them speaking our native language Tagalog. With the conversation that they do have, i decided to approach them and ask if they were Filipinos and both of them answered yes, so I did introduced myself and ask them if where they were going to. Both of them answered that they came from Leeds and they were going to New Castle to challenge there luck for they don't have a place to stay in Leeds.One of them narrated that they arrived here in Britain last January with a student visa before the government reduced the working hours of migrants with student visa from 20 hours per week to 10 hours.
These people doesn't have a place to stay, not having enough money to spend even for their personal needs and loads of bills need to be paid including their loans back home. Honestly, working 20 hours a week with £5.93 per hour is not enough to sustain a living here in Britain wherein you are going to pay your tuition, house accommodation, monthly bills, loans and your personal expenditures.
In Bradford, Leeds there were noted to have at least 100 Filipinos with student visa who doesn't have jobs and nowhere to stay. They were just staying in some other Filipinos who were kind hearted and willing to adopt them. So if you know someone either your friend or family who are staying there and on student visa just a piece of advise ("Huwag kang hihingi ng pera sa kanya at intindihin mo kung hindi siya makapagpadala sa'yo").
These two persons that I've met in the station is one of the hundreds of Filipinos staying in Leeds who were considered to be a victims of those agencies that shadows their greed for money by showing to help those people to come here abroad in student visa with an false assurance to work while studying and earning huge amount. These is an example of spending enormous amount of money without the full assurance or guaranty of return investment. Their neck was being tied up with the massive amount of loans back home.
Even with these ongoing problems and circumstance that happened here abroad but still I can see, hear and even knew people in the Philippines that keeps on recruiting their fellow countrymen to come here in Britain in student visa. They inputed a congruous ideas that it easier for one person to convert their student visa into a working visa when you are already here in Britain. Frankly speaking my friends ---" IT IS A WRONG MESSAGE".
A student visa holder cannot just change his/her visa to a working visa. You cannot even count the number of years you stayed here as a student visa when you want to apply for a permanent residency my friends. You need to go back home to your country of origin before you can apply for a working visa. The waiting and the processing period is still the same --- BACK TO SQUARE ONE--- even if you did experienced the coldness of the weather of UK.

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