Tuesday, 23 March 2010

a student visa ( Australia)

The people in the Philippines has a great expectations that if one travels abroad even for a student visa he / she can earn lots of money. Honestly speaking, life is not that easy especially for one who is on student visa. Student visa can only work for 20 hours per week when classes still going on varies depends on the course they enrolled. If you are a nurse in the Philippines and plans to apply for a student visa, make it sure that the course you enrolled is RECOGNIZED AND WILL LEAD you to register in the nurses board ( board policy: pass the english test of at least 7 in all sub-test and B mark in OET).
There are lot's of universities accepting students from nurses abroad taking up the post- registration entry for nurses in one year. Post-registration means that the Universities required IELTS bondscore of 6.5. Unfortunately, when you finished the degree it does not register you as a nurse since there is no recognition of award for the said course. You still have to go back home. Thus, I highly and heartily suggested to all who plans or wants to gamble for student visa that they must pass the english test before coming here and much better to apply for any optional student visa stream. With the student visa stream the Immigration will honor your degree and the employer will give you sponsorship after taking the course especially if you don't have any relatives in Australia. If you do have relatives then you will be nominated as sponsored skilled migration visa for permanent residency. That's how easy it is.


1.) 3 MONTHS - you must pay 9900 OZ DOLLARS as the initial registration for nurse overseas (IRON). This course will lead you to be a registered nurse in Australia as division 1 but it is a non- award course. This will not allow you to study for post-graduate course program. Your just a plain nurse.

2.) ONE YEAR Course (Post - Registration for nursing) - you must pay 20 thousand oz dollar. Post-Graduate course is optional and can be study later on when you acquired residency visa. With this, the government will pay for your school. It will also allow you to register as a nurse in Australia and has a chance to study post graduate course which is optional. Post-graduate course will upgrade yourself if you want to work on special clinical field such as cardiac unit, rehabilitation, mental, etc. This course when finished can make good money. If you have Post-graduate course then they will give you extra money to be paid for your hours of work.

3.) TWO YEAR course (Bachelor in Nursing) - you must pay 40,000 OZ dollar. This visa suits to all professional overseas holding any degree diploma and who wish to study as a nurse in Australia. This will lead you to register as a nurse after studying the whole course. It has a clinical practice.

For Juan I would suggest he should come here in Australia taking up the two year course program. It would be worthwhile for the money he spent. There are lots of bloody idiot agency in Philippines who does not fully explain to their client what will be the consequences after your study and how it will change your life. All they want is money. Be aware of this bloody idiots. I feel sorry to those people who take their risk to go abroad without knowing the risk. The cost of the accommodation and the food is very expensive. If you would take the risk just make it sure the course you enrolled will give a nice pay later on, usually they called a nice payback. SHOOT ALL BLOODY LIARS AGENCY!

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