Thursday, 25 March 2010


As I walked through the street of Manchester, I was fascinated with its architectural designs. The facilities and the services that their government provided for them, is much much more far than ours--- the tram, free newspaper (the METRO) to read, the gritting of the icy roads, the garbage disposal system (well segregated), and etc. I had  asked myself,  how did they able to do that?

 Why this  country is very progressive?  To think that this country is not abundant on natural resources and the weather, oooh s***t, it's very terrible. Infact, 85% of their basic commodities were imported from other countries. And this country was devastated by the war, wherein the capital and the other major cities was put down to it's knees, and yet here it is... very progressive. What do they have that we (Filipinos) don't have?

Our country is much much more abundant on such natural blessing and yet here we are. What's wrong with us?
 As I feel the fullness of my urinary bladder I tried to looked for a toilet but unfortunately I cannot find one. In  desperation  I approached two police officers wearing high visibility vest. Curiosity arosed again on my mind, because these officers doesn't carry firearms unlike in our country that they always carry a pistol, and sometimes very show off of their guns, specially those newly graduate officers. They then directed me where the public toilet is located, but I need to pay £0.30 before i could use it. You need to spend money before you can use the toilet. But still you cannot find a single individual that will urinate on the walls or in other places...Now I understand why this country is so progressive. THAT's BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN THIS PLACE HAVE SELF DISCIPLINE..

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