Sunday, 28 February 2010


On May 10 2010 MONDAY, the Filipino people will go to their respective voting precinct to vote for their PRESIDENT, SENATORS, and their LOCAL OFFICIALS. It was said that it is the first COMPUTERIZED election that ever happened in the Philippine election........."TRUE". As we all experienced, noted and certified our election is full of VIOLENCE and CHEATING. The losers never admit their defeat for they think they are been cheated. The result is that they will file for a protest, which leads to a long lasting vote recounting......."HOW RIDICULOUS!!!". During election time, the town were flooded with money. Politicians are willing to spend millions of pesos just to win the job which the salary cannot sustain the financial expenditures of their LUXURIOUS way of living. Why they are doing this? Are they bored of their luxurious lives? Or their money in the bank is too much for them to count and spend? Or are these people are truly dedicated to serve the Filipino people? The answer is NONE of the above. They are willing to spend millions because they knew that the return of their investment is a hundred folds. They knew that if you are in the position your just like sitting in a GOLD MINE........POLITICS IN OUR COUNTRY IS A BIG BUSINESS. Election time is the time that we can hear lots of campaign jingles that the tune and lyrics are in lined of novelty. You can ask LITO CAMO for that because his the one responsible of composing some of it. Politicians do the funniest things sometimes. They are willing to do the things that they never done before. They even dance in the stage were they them selves do the rhythm. You can even ask a politician to do an acrobatic act during a campaign rally. Politician is willing to do crazy stuff just to gain the power that they dreamed of ,which make them look like MONKEY IN A SUIT. But after they won you can barely seen them. Politicians do lots of volunteering works which they never done if there's no election. In short election in the Philippines is a CIRCUS which every participants has its own SCRIPT and ACT to perform. Is COMPUTERIZATION of the election is the solution of the POLITICAL PROBLEM in our country WHAT DO YOU THINK MY FRIEND? In my point of view ...."NO". It is only the evolution of the technique that we used to call cheating because during election the only color that some Filipino could see is the COLOR OF MONEY. The more money you have, the most likely you can win the election. These computer machine cannot correct that error. It is in the BLOOD of each politician in our country. It is their TRADITIONAL STRATEGIES which some Filipinos are expecting, before going to their respective polling centers.........Can you name some candidate that won the election by NOT BUYING a single vote. Buying not only in terms of money but also FAVORS and GIFTS......"NONE ''. That's why there are so called undecided candidates because they are still in the process of BEGGING to the rich Chinese businessmen and families, when in return they will give business FAVORS OF CONTRACTS in relation to their public projects. The outcome of that defrayment is a substandard facilities and infrastructures. There's no such thing that "I will support your political ambition because I BELIEVE of your ideology". Last election the average PRICE of Juan De la Cruz vote is Php1,000 pesos per vote....."Then tell me how can you computerized that." Computer is only for counting votes not for educating the Filipinos to stand firm for the PRINCIPLES that they believed that can give them a better FUTURE..

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