Friday, 16 December 2011

What If Israel,US,NATO will attack Iran..

 Every Friday after prayers, crowd chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA" it is a ritual that had gone on for a quarter of century. This boiling rage is fueled by a single idea. Iranian leaders blamed the US for their status as a weak nation. They believe themselves as a Godly society and they see the US as their tormentors and suppressors. They believed that Iran is one of  the great countries of the world. But they saw it as one of the world weaker powers as the temporary aberration.

But the question is how far is Iran go to resurrect its power, the answer remains a frightening mistery. Today  US national security may depend in unrevealing Irans true nuclear potential and intentions. For years the CIA and other intelligence agencies are racing to uncover  Iran's military ambition. Gradually they  unearth a chain of evidence that Iran is preparing to built and detonate a nuclear bomb. Iran is very serious of  desiring a nuclear weapons by covering it as a peaceful use of  atomic power for electricity, in this country sitting in a lake of oil.

If Iran is not working in an atomic bomb program they manners by accident to an inertly assembling it. US intelligent official believed that they must presumed that Iran will become a nuclear power with in five years  and the US interest might be a primary target. The basic reason that the Americans will be concern by Iran's atomic ambition is that they keep chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA" after Friday prayers, and still doing it after 25 years.To many westerners  Iran present a frightening prospect. A radical Islamic republic that appears intent to be come a nuclear power.

Iranian are the descendants of the great civilization of the Persian empire. For over two thousand years since the time of Cyrus the great the Persian were proud and powerful people. The borders of the middle east was drawn and redrawn for centuries like tribal deputes and foreign conquest. Countries and kingdoms had come and gone but only Iran or Persia as known before 1935 has remained its boundaries that are still the same for more than two thousand years. They already existed long before the US is still a dream. And to these facts that they should not be pushed around by any one else. Iran is not Arab in speech or in tradition. In fact Iranian or Persian talk totally a deferent language from Arabs.

Unlike US forces Iranian troops readily engaged in unconventional warfare. They use guerillas, terrorist, ect. missiles here and there, and if we remember Iraq war that is the most effective weapon that time. Iran had 800 thousand men on it's military forces and besides standard troops Iran had recently bulked up its seven million men as a siege force the human waive that made success in the Iraq and Iran war.

Expert said that the ground invasion of Iran could require almost 300 thousand troops and the US troops are  greatly distributed and committed around the world on it's given size.  Iran is three times the population and four times the land area of Iraq. And there is another concerns even in a precisely targeted campaign  once the bomb start to fall any chance of winning favor with the  proud Iranian people will disappear.

Iran can unleashed the terrorist network Hezbollah in US interest in Persian gulf or in the US it self. What Iran can do in the aftermath of the American attack is hard to say. What they could  do  is so terrible to contemplate they could certainly turn off the heat of the American presence in Iran. If you see the suicide bombing of Iraq of how bad it is. Then we can  imagine of what would happen if it will go on every hour.  And we can speculate that every US basis in the middle east, Kuwait, Iraq are targeted by Iranian military missile command  as well as by the terrorist organizations to strike.

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