Sunday, 13 June 2010


Every game need to be carefully planned and this plan need to be precisely executed. But nothing shameful and dishonorable when you act like a traitor, not only to your friends and foe, but to the people closest and knows you well---" your family".

Our country's latest election was splashed off with shameful controversies, violence and disgraceful accusations and we can't deny that it was obviously there and it was actually happened. But what catches my attention is the " NOY - BI" outcome of the election. Yes, I already heard that tandem before the election. There are people that pushes that partnerships to run our Land. Not bad ! if they do it fairly, square enough and openly. The bad thing is that they did it in an untrusted way... Why is that so?

First I make myself clear to you..... I am not an antiBINAY nor proROXAS. My principles stand in every Filipinos in our Land, not in every rich politicians. Why there are people pushes and orchestrate such strategies.... It is very shameful that in our country, there are people pushes and rides the galloping political events beyond public eyes. Maybe? "Sorry !" Should I say SURELY! These people had a vested personal interest that they should keep protecting on. There are no stupid person will invest their money, effort and time without having any return of their investment in a hundred folds. They are the BIG FAT JUICY RAT that ate slowly the integrity of our Republic --- they should be condemned and hanged. But the worst scenario is that they are not ashamed of what they have been doing. They even boasted it in a national television that promote changes in our country--- " AKO ang SIMULA"....

We common Filipinos should observed and watch every move of these people for I'm quite SURE they did these for their own personal reasons.......

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