Tuesday, 8 June 2010

THE INTELLIGENT PINOY (slapped by foreign media)

There are lots of things need to be done and to accomplish but I prefer to watch TV patrol. Unfortunately upon watching it, all my excitements turn into despair. There are loads of question pondering on my head... Why our country is full of political shameless exposure?, That is why i called our election as a big circus. Again my friends, I will tell you once again that politics in our country is really a big fabulous business. After the election the winner will claim his prize. Nobody will spend billions of pesos in exchange of a few thousands salary.

The happiness and excitement that lingers on my heart for at last after a tiresome and long hours of work I can spend a little time to watch TV patrol suddenly turns into bitterness. It was an abrupt changed of emotions particularly when I heard Adam Carolla stating into public "that our country (Philippines) is run by the people with brain damage and the only thing that he can get in our country is sex tours." That statement word for word captures into my memory. Honestly, I can't fully explain and describe my emotion upon hearing that particular statement when in fact this is not the first time that our country was being insulted by a foreign journalist. Remember that few years back our country was also called a country of helpers by a Chinese writer.

For me it gives a clear picture and connotations that my beloved and adorable country --- Philippines --- wasn't able to gain respect to the global community. Why?... The answer my friends is due to the rotten political traditions that we followed. The more money you got, the most likely you can win the election.
I wish and hope that this 2010 election is a different one. I hope that the winner had the full ability to push our country forward into a better state. I do hope every Filipinos will use their head when voting. It is not totally evil to received monetary gifts from the running politician because it is still your money not there money. The evil thing is that if you vote for them. Please don't sell your votes for a couple of money that you are going to enjoy for a few hours and let your family suffer for years. HELP!!! STOP VOTE BUYING... NO BUYERS IF NO SELLERS. That's the first step towards better life. Let make the changes. Changes start within ourselves. Aim for a brighter future to all the Filipinos. Don't be selfish.

For all the OFW's and their families back home. Keep putting into your mind that all of us missed our families and was tired being away from their side. Once again, I wish and hope that we can fully convince our families to vote for the right person to lead our country. Remember that it is our sweat, tears, and blood that help keep our economy running.

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