Saturday, 20 February 2010

THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN part III (Computerization is only for counting votes )

Computerization is only for counting votes . It is not for educating the Filipinos to stand firm for the principles that they believe that can give them a better future. Filipinos are tireder than ever. Filipinos are hungrier than ever. Filipinos are now more desperate than ever. Because of these they will easily be fooled by politician using their money for votes. Not only by buying it but also by formulating fraudulent strategies. If you tell me that i'm TOO MUCH for stating that Filipinos are hungrier than ever you can't blame me. Do you remember the WOWOWIE TRAGEDY my friends? Because of desperation for instant cash many Filipinos died of stampede. Before, the least that a Filipino could buy for food is RICE and GALONGGONG.......i think that you know what is a galonggong if you are a Filipino that grew up in the Philippines. But nowadays, the least food a filipino could offer to his family is the NFA RICE (---with questionable prices on imports---) and INSTANT NOODLES.....And how on earth that our children can have ENOUGH NUTRITION. It is very clear to my own observation that the way of living in our country is deteriorating. I'm sure that those people in the position knows about it but the thing is --- Do they really CARE??? the absolute answer is "NO". The only thing that run through their minds is when is Manny Pacquiao's next FIGHT so that they can double or triple the money that they took from the pocket of Juan Dela Cruz thru means of betting. No matter what technologies were going to use during the election it will make us no difference. It is still the SAME STORY....Even if we would ask the aliens from the other planets but even them cannot help to solve our problem. Even GOD itself cannot solve our problem because HE gave us the freedom to think and choose between right or wrong. So if you ask me who can SOLVE our PROBLEM...The answer my friend is the MAN IN THE MIRROR.....only you, me and every Filipino..

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