Monday, 21 March 2016

Who you should NOT vote in the Philippines Presidential Election 2016

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Once again, it is election time in the Philippines. The Presidential aspirants are now busy winding up the Filipino people just to win their votes. I'm writing this not to tell you who to vote for, but I'm writing this to tell you who NOT to vote for. 

Don't vote for a politician who said that he is not running and yet after several months he is campaigning. How can we trust this person if he is not being clear and honest from the start of his intention. If he said that he is just testing the water of politics if it is in favor to him or not, then he is just testing himself if he is able to run the Philippines or not.  He is not even sure to himself. 

We must realize that DAVAO is not the Philippines. That running a city is different from running the whole country. Here's another thing he said, if he is going to be elected as President, he will increase the wages of the police officers up to 50,000 to 100,000 per month. The question is where he will get the money? And if he will increase the wages of the police officers he should also increase the wages of our Navy, Army and the Air Force. They also bet their lives to defend our country, they are also capable of corruptions or doing criminal acts and not only the police. Even worse this branches of our armed forces is capable of destabilizing our democratic form of government, we have a history of that.

 He also said that, within three to six months he will clean the country from corruptions, criminals, drugs, and other lawlessness. Three to six months is so ambitious and not in line with reality, unless  he is John Anderton the pre crime chief of the sci-fi movie Minority Report played by Tom Cruise. Or he will psychologically read the behavior of every Filipino. 

The reality is, the biggest problem of Mayor Duterte if in case he is being elected as President in our small republic is, whom he will appoint as his first lady.  Because I'm quite sure those  women in his side will fight each other for that seat in Malacanang. So my conclusion is, Mayor Duterte is full of crap.

We should consider that our country is aiming to increase it's market value worldwide from BPO to productions, and etc. If we elect a President that is smeared with corruption allegations though it is "not proven yet" as they say, it will affect our government's trustworthy rating. The result is that the value of our pesos currency will decline. This is good for the Filipino working abroad but worst for the ordinary Filipinos who are struggling to survive. "Mag didildil na naman tayo ng asin nito".

 The Cebuanos is rude to the Vice President during the Sinulog, but I think they acted the right way.  " KUNG EPAL KA DAPAT KA NGANG BASTOSIN". If  Vice President Binay will be elected as President, those people who throw corruption allegations against him should hide themselves wherever they can hide because I'm pretty sure that they will have the biggest problem of their entire lives. If a person smeared with corruption allegations then that person is not worthy to be our next President. Those allegations will be silenced or worst washed out and the party will go on. For me, the trust worthy of Mr Binay as a President is rock bottom. " Sabi ng mga matatanda kung may USOK may APOY ".

But here are some good things that I should say. We live in a free and developed country. To improve our lives, we should not vote for these kind of politicians.  For me, we should elect a President that has the true capability to encourage the Filipino people to work and work harder and not just watching unrealistic, day dreaming teleserye everyday. "Kasi walang Forever lalo na kung gutom ka!".

A president that has the idea to make a "lasengerong pinoy" to work. We should depend on ourselves. We can do something to ourselves. We should feel free to find a job and fight for it by dedicating ourselves to the things that we are asked to do, and stop complaining that we only have a small salary. That our salary is like a woman's monthly period. " ISANG BUWAN MONG HINTAYIN, DALAWA o TATLONG ARAW MONG GAGASTOSIN".  To those who does not know, our country is already a developed country.  If you don't believe me, then count how many MALLS we have in our country.  Businessmen are not day dreamer.

So Filipinos don't vote for a President whom you think can make your life easier, but vote for a President that can push yourself to make your life easier.

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