Monday, 5 March 2012

Ideas how to earn money from the internet for dummies.

There are lots of ways to earn money in the internet, but most of these ideas are for people who knows the computer and skillfull in the net. Ideas such as Search engine optimization, Domain name flipping etc. But for most of us which are not so expert in the computer and in the internet we have no chance to earn  extra income while enjoying the web. Most of us touches the keyboard if we would like to log in in facebook and chatting with our friends or relative that will ask money from us, well thats a waste of time. Instead if we only use that time making extra income while chatting our friends in facebook,  that's a good idea. So I make a little research on how to earn extra in the internet while chatting our friends and relatives back home. I rated these from 1 to 10 and its up to you what idea thats fit.

So here's the number 10

10. Get cashback
If you use your day off to buy essentials, make sure you get paid to do it. Shop around first to find the best deals, then look on cashback sites to see if you could get money back by buying through them. Start with sites that give you instant cash just by signing up, such as Rpoints, which gives you £5, Cashback Shopper, which gives you £5, and ecashback, which gives you £2.50 immediately.

9. Answer text questions
If you're a bit of a trivia king or queen you could make money by answering people's text questions. It is flexible work and you just have to be a bit knowledgeable and quick at searching the net . On average, question answerers make about £10 an hour. The questions vary enormously: you could get anything from "Where's the nearest pizza place?" to "Who won the 1962 world cup?" and "Will I ever find love?". Visit ansanow or Textperts to see if you are quick enough to be part of their teams of knowledge hunters.

8.Complain to gain
We don't complain enough in our country, which is one of the reasons why service can be so bad. However, those who complain constructively have worked out they can even make money through it. A well crafted, reasonable letter including a request for financial compensation can make you money. Write to a company's CEO explaining the problem and set out the amount you feel you should receive in compensation. If it is refused write again, and even write a third time if necessary. Usually by the second or third letter they cave in and give you about half of what you were asking for.

7. Rent out your stuff
Everyone knows about selling stuff on eBay, but how about renting it and making money over and over again? Sites like a will let you advertise anything from a baby bath to a ball gown. It is a new phenomenon, so it could be a while before anyone rents your power tools or your DVD player, but if you have a spare minute upload your details and later on you could make some regular cash.

6: Designing and Selling T-shirts
If you are a little bit artistic then you can use your talent, when you walk around passing most high school and college campuses, you're likely to come into contact with lots of words. But it won't be material from textbooks or term papers -- those are probably in backpacks or sitting unfinished at home. Instead, they're the simple phrases or logos -- most of which are ironic or amusing -- printed on the T-shirts on the backs of the students. Usually, the more unique and offbeat the design is, the more desirable the T-shirt is. The growth of the Internet has made it possible for vendors to sell T-shirts all over the world. In fact, sites like and allows you to set up your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself. If you can create your own shirt design with a clever catchphrase or come up with your own unique statement and people like it, you can start making money.

5. Sell adverts on your blog
If you are a regular blogger and have built up a bit of a following, you could make money selling advertising around your posts. You can make cash quickly by putting Google Adsense on it. If you get enough traffic you make money every time people click on the ads. Blogs are also great for selling any products you have, promoting your services (it could be anything from sales training to web development or maternity care) and selling eBooks you have created yourself.

4. Recycle your mobile
Have you got a useless old mobile in your desk drawer? Most of us have at least one hanging around the office or house, so make money from yours. Send it to Mopay and make between £2.50 and £200 depending on its make and condition. Even rubbishy old battered models can be worth a few quid if they can be sold on for spare parts.

3. Get paid for social networking
You can make money by keeping in touch with friends, and making more friends, on social networking site Set up a profile, write a blog, upload photos and videos and do what you usually do with any networking site. The difference with Yuwie is that it pays you to do all these things using advertising revenue. The amount you get paid depends on the number of times you and your friends view your pages. If you have lots of friends the views mount up and you can make some worthwhile cash.

2. Take part in online surveys
Again, this is pocket money while you're on the internet, but it can be fun too. It is simply a case of answering questions about a particular product or company, or about your shopping habits. Be careful which surveys you use – some are fraudulent. Among the best of the genuine ones is, which will pay between 50p and £3 a survey, Valued Opinions, which pays between £1 and £5 a survey, and, which pays up to £5.

1. Get paid to surf the net
You surf the net all the time so why not make money every time you click on "search"? Yahoo powers searches which pay a small amount every time you run one it is willing to do so because it wants to break down Google's domination. There is a search at If you recommend your friends you will also make commission on their searches. The payments are small but we know people who have made around £30 in two months by searching regularly. You can choose whether you receive your money through PayPal or by bank transfer.

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