Monday, 10 May 2010

THE 2010 ELECTION AFTERMATH PRAYER (let us pray for the success of our country)

I hope this 2010 election is a different one. I hope that the victors had the ability to push our country forward into the better state. These past few days before the election day, I wrote some articles in my blog, my comments about the system of the election in our country which I called it THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN.

But what else can we do, we cannot change the system over night. All we can do, is to be vigilant and be keen observant in every steps these newly elected Leaders has to do and implements their programs. That they will do their best to the fullness of their capabilities and abilities. As well as not to abuse the power that we gave and in trusted to them. We give that power to govern for free thus in return they should do their job whole-heartedly, in honesty and modesty, sincerity, loyalty to the people and to the nation as well, and with total fear with the Almighty.

Let us pray hand in hand as we struggle for the success of our country not only at this present time but as generations to come.

We will pray hand in hand that these Leaders will continue to fulfill their promises as what they've stated in their plata forma during the campaign period. That they will believe that the Filipino constituents is their BOSS and not those few rich families and businessmen that poured money during their candidacy. We will pray hand in hand that it will not change the situation after they won the election.

We will pray hand in hand that these phrases " sa kampanya ang taong bayan ang hari, pero pag nanalo na sila, sila na ang hari " won't ever happen.

We will pray hand in hand that the losers will heartily accept their defeat as easily as possible. That they can overcome the stage of denial, depression and loss. That they will learn the lessons of their mistake through spending millions or billions of money just to have their ambition for power which sometimes resulted to greediness and chaos. That they will not proceed to the usual habit of never ending protest that end up in a very unreasonable actions.

We will pray hand in hand that these future oppositions will do their best for the great interest of our country as well as the people and not just for themselves or for the party they belong to so that our country will gain prosperity.

We will pray hand in hand that after this election there are no greedy politician who gather some of our fellow countrymen in the asphalted heat of EDSA just to do their own version of people power for this actions are being used abusively by some STUPID politician which they think they can ignite miracles on their favor. One people power is obviously enough and that is a reasonable actions for it benefited our country.


We will pray hand in hand that we cannot see the words OUSTED or RESIGN written in the placards and banners of these uncontented Filipinos of our society just because they are not in the position.

We will pray hand in hand that their are no adventurous (wrong term) or shall I say rebellious member of our armed forces that will plan any unconstitutional actions --- because they pledge to protect our constitution and not to disobey or above it.

We will pray hand in hand that our young officers of our armed forces should not do any of their crazy stuff of delinquency just to voice out their concerns against the government.

We will pray hand in hand that these equipment (PCOS MACHINES) that we used during this elections must be kept properly by the assigned agency and not just to be set aside to be eaten by the elements of nature. We have to make considerations that these materials are so delicate and expensive and all Filipinos struggle their effort with it. We strongly hope and pray that their are no "hocos pocos" that is going to emerge as to ignite any investigations of any controversy pertaining to it --- in purchasing these materials and no individuals had a commission from it just like the lamp post in Cebu City ( purchased to be used during the 12th ASEAN SUMMIT held last January 9 - 15, 2007 ) that was having a full controversies because it was allegedly overpriced by a hundredfolds by those individuals whose only concern is to make their wallet thick and not to the best interest of our land. And for now it was useless and pointless left along the sidewalk to be stolen by our fellow countrymen (which we categorized as the less fortunate scavenger) which was been sold in the junk yard as a scrap metal.

And I will pray and hope that the reader of this blog will share this prayer to all his/her friends and families all over the world so that we can disseminate the message.


As we can see our country had a colorful history of political greediness, self interest and unnecessary turmoil. It is about time for us to make a change in our history. It is about time that we the new generation will do the first step for changes. Changes that will start within ourselves which lead us to a better life.


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